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Timberline Bluegrass Band

Here are some outstanding photos of Timberline.

Here we are at Roaring River. That's Junior singing, accompanied by his lovely and gracious wife, Jean, on the bass. Emily and Brad are concentrating mightily on getting just the right sound, while the banjo player is practicing his imitation of the Leaning Tower of Pizza.
Playing bluegrass takes intense concentration.
Quiz question: If we are currently playing the root chord of the song, what key are we playing in?.
Looks like Emily is about to make the big time!
Here is Phil, also trying to break into show business.

Here is Brad, our tuba player, showing off his Dobro prowess, after having completed only three easy lessons from Sears and Roebuck.

News Flash!!!!

The banjo player has just announced that he has signed a contract with Columbia Records. Early reports reveal that all he has to do to stay in it is to buy six CD's a year for the next two years!

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