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Howdy, dudes and dudettes! We're glad you're here! As you can see from the photos, Timberline is a bluegrass band. Our group offers not only traditional bluegrass, but also lots of down-home humor, old-time fiddle selections, and plenty of toe-tappin' favorites. We are based in Southwest Missouri, and have been pickin' since Heck was a pup. Now that you know a little about the band, let's have a little fun. If you can figure out the answer to our puzzle, simply contact us, and you will win the prize. (The prize is dinner for six...You get to take us all out to dinner.) Here we go! Jean is not related to the fiddle player. Phil is not the guitar player. Neither Junior nor Emily plays bass. Jean's instrument is larger than Phil's instrument.The fiddle player is the banjo player's daughter. Brad plays tuba, but is not married to the guitar player's wife. What does Phil play?..................If you know the answer, or if you would like to contact us, simply email us by using the handy-dandy clickable mailbox on this page. Thank you for visiting our page, and good luck with the contest!

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Photos of Timberline

Junior's Sign Business

Emily's Page (She's the Fiddle Player)

2000 Pictures!

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